Is it halal to eat oyster lime in Islam?

 Those who have a habit of drinking, they eat different types of lime. In which oyster lime is one of them. As a result, the question may arise, is it permissible to eat such lime?

Let's find out what Islam says about eating oyster lime?

Lime is usually obtained from rocks and snails. But the processing of rocky lime contains high amount of chemicals and acids which is harmful to the body. Calcium is lost, teeth are lost, stomach problems occur, because this lime is mostly used to make lime at home. However, lime made from snails and oysters in the ancient method is more in demand as it is chemical free and good for the body.

Many families in Bangladesh are involved in the process of making lime from snails and oysters. Some have been involved in this business for generations. Due to the large number of lime traders, there is an area called Chuniapara named after the lime traders of Dinajpur Sadar Upazila.

Method of making lime from snails and oysters:

This lime is made by burning the shells of snails and oysters. First the shells of snails and oysters are dried in the sun. Then bricks are laid on the bottom of the clay stove. Later pieces of broken earthen pots were spread on the bricks. Small pieces of wood are used to light a fire. Then the snails are thrown in the basket.

Is it halal to eat oyster lime in Islam

Then again small pieces of wood are placed on one level. Later the snails are thrown again. In this way the stove is filled and set on fire. The smoke of the fire spread to the layers of wood; And to supply the smoke, there is an empty part on one side under the stove, from where the smoke is controlled by air.

After doing this for 20-25 minutes, the snails and oysters are taken down. In fact, calcium carbonate is made into calcium oxide or quicklime by the heat of fire. This calcium oxide or quicklime is then crushed and sifted through a sieve and placed in a clay hole. The soil holes are coated

After shaking with bamboo sleeves for two-three hours with sufficient water, natural lime can be obtained in white. Beech banana juice is given in this lime to make it more white. The lime is then sifted through a net cloth and placed in a container. Later it is packaged and delivered to different places.

Is it halal to eat oyster lime in Islam

It is understood that after making lime from oysters etc., its ‘reality’ originality changes. As a result, it is permissible to eat a small amount with it. (Fatawa Mahmudia: 5/201, Fatawa Fakihul Millat: 11/36)

But if it is something that will be harmful to the body, then it will be Makrooh. (Hindi: 5/341, Naful Mufti Was Sail, Page: 93)


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